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Caring for Your Natural Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions have been attached and you are feeling stylish and beautiful. Now you want to stay that way and that means taking the greatest care of your new extensions.

Mainly this means treating your whole head as you always have. You can wash, colour and style your hair as if it were all naturally yours. But make sure that the products you use will give the best results. Replacing them may be the only change you need to make.


Maintaining the Condition

The products and processes you use should always be gentle ones. You could even invest in some new products on the market specially designed for hair extensions. Some people like to use baby shampoo, but to maintain health and shine you could alternate it with a moisturising option, followed by a moisturising conditioner.

Two to four times a month, give the hair a deep conditioning treatment that you leave in for some time. To be sure of added shine, use a serum after the washing process. Apply it to your wet hair and finger it right through to the ends to protect the cuticles.

Drying Your Hair

Even your choice of blow dryer can affect the condition of your hair. The new ionic ones are better than standard hair dryers because they produce negative ions that help break down water molecules and take less time to dry the hair at lower temperatures. You can also buy heat protecting products to spray in before drying or styling with heated tongs or straighteners.

Sporting Activities

You don?t need to change your sports habits or be anxious about taking up new ones because of your hair extensions. Plait your hair, tie it back or secure it off your face with a hair band, and be as active as you like. If you?re a water baby, it?s a good idea to tuck plaits into a latex swimming cap. Then free your hair and wash out chlorine or sea water immediately afterwards.

Lasting Extensions

With the right products and processes to maintain your REMY virgin hair extensions, they will last for three to six months, and probably be reused a few times. You will always be proud of your bouncing, healthy locks.



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