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Indian Hair Extensions versus Synthetic Alternatives

When it comes to hair, fashion and beauty, knowing that you have the best item on the market ? whether it is the best selling perfume, the latest celebrity hair style or the top dress of the season ? is very important. Feeling confident in yourself is vital and can make you look or feel even better.

When it comes to hair extensions, more and more women are realising that going for the cheap and cheerful synthetic variety is simply no longer an option, especially with affordable, 100% natural human hair extensions now widely available and rightly considered to be far superior to anything manufactured.
Still not convinced though that you should ditch the synthetic extensions and upgrade to real human hair? Maybe you?ll change your mind after the best Indian hair extensions are compared next to the all too obvious synthetic alternatives.

Natural vs. Unnatural

When wearing hair extensions they should feel totally natural. After all, you?ll be wearing them all day and you?ll want to be as comfortable as possible. So what?s the answer? Buying some real human hair extensions of course! Perhaps the most sought after real hair at the moment is Indian hair. It is very versatile and can be treated just like real hair ? because it is just that. Curl it, straighten it, wash it, dye it or do what you want with it.
Alternatively you could invest in some synthetic hair. This is not real hair, merely a material that mimics it and as a result it will feel totally different to your existing hair. What?s more, you will not be able to colour or treat it, as it will not respond to real human hair treatments.

Long vs Short Lasting

One of the key reasons why Indian Hair Extensions are extremely popular is because they are fantastic value for money. A clip in Indian hair extension will last for a long, long time if you treat it right. Wash it as you would normal hair and you should expect it to look great for months and years to come.

Compare this to the synthetic, artificial varieties which are nowhere near as durable. They must be kept away from blow dryers and straightening irons; in fact, what?s the point of paying out for them if you cannot treat them as you would your normal hair? All it takes is to forget to take them out and blow drying your hair for them to be ruined and thrown out. What a waste of money that would be.


Remember, many years ago it was the case that synthetic hair was the only affordable option for ordinary women to get the hair of their favourite celebrities. But not anymore. 100% virgin REMY Indian hair extensions are considered to be the best quality extensions on the market and are available at affordable prices from specialist hair extension suppliers. Do not settle for fake synthetic hair, just do some research and source the highest grade human hair at roughly the same price but for much better results.



Posted on 24th Jun 2011 14:24:42 by diva.natural

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3 Problems Hair Extensions and Lace Wigs Can Solve

A bad hair day is something we all suffer from occasionally. Whether you feel your hair is too thin, too straight, too dull or just a mess that you cannot fix, a lace wig or quality hair extensions could be the answer.
If any of the following problems affect you on a day to day basis, the following tips may be of some help:

My Hair will not stay Straight

Do you spend hours in the morning with the straighteners but still end up with frizzy hair at the end of the day? This is a common problem for women all across the country, but luckily there is a simple solution: European hair extensions.  The straightest hair on the market, European hair, can be woven in or clipped onto your existing hair and then coloured to match, meaning you can instantly have perfectly straight and totally natural looking hair that you have always dreamt of.

My Hair Needs Some Extra Body

Do you consider your hair to be too thin and lacking a certain degree of bounce and body? Using so called body increasing shampoos can be expensive and doesn?t really make much difference. Instead, invest in some Brazilian hair extensions. This is the perfect way to add some extra body to your hair almost instantly. A lifelong problem could be rectified in a matter of minutes.

I Need a Quality Wig for Medical Reasons

Many illnesses or unexplained conditions can result in hair loss. If you are affected, try a high density lace wig from an online lace wig supplier. They are light, easy to manage and can be created to fit your exact requirements. Make sure the lace wig you buy has a discreet hairline with natural baby hair for an absolutely authentic look.

If you suffer from any one of these problems then hair extensions or full lace wigs could be the answer. Just make sure you only use a well known hair extension supplier to guarantee that what you buy meets your expectations.

Posted on 30th Dec 2010 12:30:52 by diva.natural

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Why you should Choose Malaysian Hair Extensions

Whether you are on the lookout for new clothes or a new car, you will of course want the best. Very rarely does anyone buy something of a lesser quality than they can afford. In the hair extension industry, most customers aspire to have the best hair extensions, and usually this means Malaysian hair will be at the top of the wish list.
But why is Malaysian hair considered to be the best on the market?

Long Lasting
One of the reasons why most reputable online hair extension suppliers will make sure they are fully stocked up on Malaysian hair extensions is because they are very long lasting and durable, making them very appealing to customers looking to pay for a top quality hair extension or lace wig that will last for well over a year. Malaysian hair represents excellent value for money as well as being the cashmere standard of the hair market.

Healthy Hair

Malaysian hair is one of the healthiest types of hair you can buy. Of course it must be genuine, human 100% REMY virgin hair to appreciate the benefits.  Malaysian women take good care of their hair and the natural moisture found in it makes it constantly look glossy, shiny and free from frizz. Make sure you only use a UK based hair extension supplier to guarantee the hair you are buying is genuine Malaysian hair. You should be able to easily tell if it is not.


Not only will Malaysian hair look totally natural once it is woven into your hair, but it is also extremely versatile. You can cut, colour and style it in a variety of ways or create your own look with the help of your stylist. Try to match the hair extensions to your own hair colour as best you can for the ultimate natural look, but if colouring is needed Malaysian hair does work well with the manufactured colours on the market.

If you want the best hair extensions it is not necessary to pay hundreds upon hundreds of pounds. Some online hair extension suppliers can provide you with genuine and first class Malaysian hair at affordable prices, so make sure these avenues are explored before you buy.

Posted on 30th Dec 2010 12:29:44 by diva.natural

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A Guide to Buying Hair Extensions Online

What should you look for in an online hair extension supplier? What are the signs of a reliable company which has quality extensions available in a range of styles and colours?

Take a look at any reputable online hair extension supplier and they should have a section where previous customers can leave their thoughts on the service provided by the company. Contrary to what you may think, most of these sections do contain the thoughts of actual people and are not simply made up. Be wary of a hair extension supplier that does not have any endorsements, if they had any then they would want to show them off wouldn?t they?

Some may even have a few celebrity fans that use the product. If this is the case, the company will do all they can to make you well aware of this. If the celebrity trusts the supplier, so should you.

UK Based
Try if you can to buy from a company based in the UK. This will save on postal and shipping costs of course, but will also make returns and refunds easier. Not only this, if they are a UK based company then the product will have to meet UK standards.

Ideally you will want to see what the product that you are buying looks like. Top hair extension suppliers should have a number of images and examples of their product displayed on their website, on models and maybe in packaging or on a manikin. Be wary of any site that just contains photographs of people who could be anybody or pictures they have quite clearly been copied from another source.

Hair extensions, when bought online, can be just as good, if not better than when bought from salons or shops ? they should certainly be a bit cheaper without dropping in quality. Just make sure you follow these tips to make sure everything arrives as it should.

Posted on 26th Nov 2010 10:59:26 by diva.natural

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Perfect Hair Extensions for the Whole Family

Hair extensions can be used by everyone, not just teenagers and twenty somethings. In fact, they are perfect for the whole family, from daughter to mother.
Take a look at how hair extensions could add some much needed fashion credibility to throughout the family:

The Teenage Daughter
Perhaps your youngest is starting to get into fashion, hair and beauty. Maybe you have sensed that she is liable to do something drastic to her hair you feel she may regret. Play it safe and invest in some quality hair extensions. Not only will they look great but they will also allow your daughter to play around with different styles, looks and colours without actually doing anything to their own hair. Hair extensions are a great starting point for the up and coming fashion princess.

The City Girl
Perhaps your oldest daughter or sister is enjoying a high flying career in the city. Short of time but very fashionable, clip in hair extensions are just what she needs. Online hair extension suppliers have a vast array of clip in extensions in a variety of styles. No doubt she will have her own opinion on what looks good, so let her browse and choose her own style.

The Hip Aunt
A prime candidate for hair extensions, aunty will create her own unique look and by choosing a suitable style from a range of options including European woven hair extensions and Malaysian clip in hair extensions.

Hair extensions are extremely stylish for people of all ages. There are so many varieties that everyone can create their own look at affordable prices.

Posted on 26th Nov 2010 10:57:51 by diva.natural

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