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Wigs and Hair Extensions Down the Ages

These days, you only have to watch the TV ads to see that long flowing tresses are the favourite way to wear your hair, hence the popularity of hair extensions.  It hasn’t always been so, however. The fashion for long hairstyles has waxed and waned, along with the need for additional hair.

The 20th Century

A century ago, when women’s hair was known as their crowning glory, it was usually worn up, often in complicated and big styles using a pompadour frame that included additional wavy hair.  Women bought hair pieces to fill up empty spaces around their heads.  It must have been quite tiring to hold up their heads weighed down with heavy hair and frames.

In the roaring twenties of the twentieth century, a few daring young ladies cut their hair short.  Soon all fashionable women were having their hair cropped shorter and shorter to go with their shortening skirts, boyish silhouettes and cloche hats. 

When the fashion for womanly curves returned in the 1930s, so did longer wavy hair.  Medium length hair became the norm.  Backcombed, bouffant up-styles, sometimes assisted by false hair pieces became big in the 60s, until the advent of more natural looking, flowing locks and the bouncing flicked styles of the late 70s.

Earlier Hair Fashions

Watch any historical film, where the movie-makers have tried to get the fashions of the period correct, and you’ll see mostly long hair in the styles of the day. They might be the exaggerated, complicated up-dos of the 1770s, or the close curls that went with Empire line dresses.  Many of them would not be all the wearers’ natural hair at the time.  They might be complete wigs or just supplemented by hair pieces and extensions.

Very Early Use of Wigs and False Hair

As far back as the fourth century BC, the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and well to do people are known to have worn wigs. Sometimes they shaved their heads, but always wore hair in public.  Ancient Greek and Roman upper class women frequently enhanced their natural long hair with hair extensions and wigs.

Wear your wig or hair extensions with pride and remember the connection they give you with women throughout history.

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Follow the Famous With Hair Extensions

Many women would love to have the look of their favourite celebrities.  Copying their hair styles is a way to get closer to this.  Most singers and film stars favour the long tresses that can be achieved with hair extensions.  They can then ring the changes of hair up and hair down, hair wavy, curly or straight.

Angelina Jolie

Following the New York premier of the film Tourist in December, the half up, half down look worn by Angelina was copied around the world. The star has always been seen with long hair either worn long and flowing or high on her head.  On this occasion, leaving some soft fronds to frame her beautiful face, she pinned the top strands back and up, with the rest left to fall down her back.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl’s big, bouncy hair indicates that she is a big fan of extensions. Last October the public watched spellbound as she performed Promise This on the X-Factor wearing ultra-long extensions in a two colour version.  Most of her hair was in her gorgeous flagship burgundy, mixed with a few strands of black.

Be in Good Company

Katie Price has been known to go horse riding without a hard hat.  Was she using the occasion to show off the beautiful and bountiful curly black hair extensions bouncing to the motion of her steed? Halle Berry first burst onto our screens as a perfect Bond girl with a tiny curly cap.  Times have changed and we now often see her with long, lustrous extensions. Victoria Beckham rings the changes with hair extensions for length and highlights regularly. Up and coming Arabian actress, Ghada Adel is reported to have flown to London last November specifically to transform her short bob into a long curly style.

Your hair extensions put you in good company, and let you copy the styles of the rich and famous.  You could be a different celebrity every day of the week.

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A Perfect Fit for Your Lace Wig

You can buy a lace wig on the internet with confidence when you know your head measurements.  It’s not difficult to take them with a flexible tape measure, but it’s helpful to have a friend or family member to do it for you if that’s possible.

You need to end up with six different numbers:

1. First you should measure the circumference of your head, all around the hairline.

2. Now take the tape from the hairline at the centre of your forehead to the nape of your neck.

3. Next pass it from just above your right ear, over your forehead around your hairline to the top of the left ear.

4. Start from the top of the right ear again, this time back from your hairline, and take it straight up over the top of your head to the corresponding point at the top of your left ear.

5. Now move the tape to the hairline at your right temple and take it back around your head to your left temple.

6. Finally measure across the hairline at the nape of your neck.

All these measurements together will indicate which stock size cap to buy.

When you try on your correct size lace REMY wig, you will find it looks totally natural because the French or Swiss lace is so fine that it appears just like your scalp in partings and at the hairline. Its colour will be appropriate to the wig’s hair colour.  Baby fine hair is attached to it at the hairline and the natural hair you have selected is tied into the lace behind that.

You can forget all your hair woes and take yourself out into the world to enjoy life in the knowledge that you are looking your beautiful best.

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Letting Your Hairstyle Match Your Mood

While you may have chosen your hair extensions to give you the long, flowing hairstyles you can’t have naturally, sometimes it’s good to have a change. For a special evening event, many women choose to pile their hair up in romantic waves and curls. To appear more formal in a business meeting, they’ll go for a sleeker style with hair taken back and up. Whether you go for a chignon or a top knot, you can have a romantic or a formal look.

The Chignon

This classic style takes your longer hair back and twists it into a low bun at the nape of the neck. With very little hair on your face, a tidy bun is neat and formal. Your hair extensions can add the bulk that just hints at the profusion waiting to be released. Just make sure all the hair is in tip-top, shiny condition, tie it back into a low ponytail, section the tail into strands that you pull around and secure. Spritz both pins and hair with hairspray for complete confidence.

You can make this look romantic too, with large loops and escaping wisps at your nape that echo those that fall on your forehead and in front of you ears, framing your face with curling fronds. Tuck in a flower or add a pretty bow to complete the look.

The Top Knot

Just like a chignon, only higher, the top knot displays the perfection of a long, slender neck in any situation. Again you could go for a sleek look with a bun high on your head, or make it huge, bouffant and playful. Tie it around with colourful dangling ribbons for an even more exuberant effect.

Ringing the Changes

These are just a few ideas for new things you can do with your hair when you have extensions attached. You’ll find lots more ways for your hair extensions to help your look reflect your mood.

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How to Attach Your Hair Extensions

The various methods of attaching natural hair extensions completely seal them to your natural hair until you decide to remove them. You should research all these methods by reading about them and arranging consultations at several specialist salons. Then pick the method you want, choose your hairdresser accordingly, and wait for the compliments on your gorgeous new hair styles.

Hair Weaving

This will last about six weeks before the extensions need to be removed.  In the meantime you can wash and style your hair as if it were all yours. Your stylists will be able to recommend the best products to use for this.

Hair Bonding or Gluing

Select this method for more temporary extensions, perhaps for a very special occasion. The extensions need to be removed using a specially designed oil-based product on the glue before you wash your hair again. You need to be sure you are not allergic to the sealant before it is used on your hair.

Ultrasonic Extensions

For extensions that will last up to six months, try the ultrasonic technique, which is often used together with hair replacement therapies following illness, or on particularly fine or thin hair. This cold-fusion method is the least likely to cause any damage to your own hair if it is in a vulnerable state. Just use the recommended products to maintain your hair extensions as well as the health of your own hair, and you will only need to deal with extension attachments twice a year.

Micro-link Extensions

Tiny links, coloured to match your hair or completely clear, are used to attach the extensions. These links are good with very fine and straight hair and are reusable for up to about four times.

Clip-on Extensions

You can clip these into your head whenever you want to wear them. For complete confidence, when you first use them, get a professional to attach these for you. In time you will become confident enough to do this successfully yourself.

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