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Diva Questions and Answers


1. Does Diva use 100% real human hair?
Yes, all hair extensions and lace wigs sold here at Diva are made from 100% real human hair. All cuticle layers remain intact which makes Diva Natural Hair the best quality hair on the market.

2. What colours can I choose from?
There is a range of colours which you can choose from depending on which type of human hair you choose, from blonde to black to red. BRAZILIAN , Indian Malaysian hair comes in black and dark browns. What?s more, because we only stock totally natural human hair, you can style and colour it however you want! We can even colour your hair for you when ordered if desired.

3. Will my lace wig look totally natural?
Diva?s lace wigs are made from 100% heavy density REMY virgin hair, so you can relax knowing your lace wig will be as natural looking and feeling as possible. You can even choose a handmade custom lace wig - made from Swiss lace - which matches your specific requirements exactly.

4. What is REMY Hair?
REMY hair refers to hair which has retained its natural cuticles, due to the upper and lower ends of the hair being kept in their natural state. This means the hair is of the best quality and not damaged in any way ? a reason why REMY hair extensions are so popular amongst celebrities.

5. What is single and double draw down hair?
Single draw down hair has been trimmed in the same direction from the upper to the lower ends. This results in a layered look to the hair. Double draw down on the other hand is trimmed at both ends, leaving the upper and lower parts in their respective natural condition.

6. What does machine weft hair mean?
Machine weft hair is hair which has been tied at the upper ends.

7. How should I look after my hair extensions?
Treat your hair extensions just like you treat your existing hair. As we only supply real human hair extensions, they can be straightened, blow dried, coloured and washed just like your existing hair. They can be worn throughout the day, including during sports and swimming. Take a look at our Caring for your Natural Hair Extensions section for more information.

8. How quickly will I get my hair extensions?
All orders in the UK can be despatched by special delivery and will be with you within 1-2 days. For a small fee, next day delivery is available.

9. How many pieces do I need to get a full head of hair?
The number of pieces you need to completely cover your head depends entirely on your budget, but we recommend three pieces for the best and complete transformation and to ensure you have enough ? you can always use any leftovers at a later date.

10. How long do extensions last?
Your extensions can last for months or even years. They will last longer if you care for them and treat them correctly, however,Malaysian,BRAZILIAN and Indian hair is totally unprocessed which means it is 100% natural and therefore very long lasting.