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Hair Extension Types

Clip-In Hair Extensions

If you long to look as good as your favourite glamorous celebrity with amazing flowing hair and love to change your look as often as you change your outfit, then Diva Natural Hair clip on hair extensions are exactly what you need.

If you have always wanted hair extensions but don't want to commit to a permanent look, then hair extension clip-ins are ideal, transforming you in a matter of minutes from short or mid-length hair to a long, full and luscious head of hair that looks 100% natural.

Beautiful, Highest Quality Clip In Hair Extensions

Diva Natural Hair clip on hair extensions are made from the same highest quality European 100% Remy virgin hair as the woven range. They are simple to use and transform hair effortlessly in an instant.

A range of styles and colours are available, to find out more see our European hair page and when ordering, select the 'clip in' option.

Diva Natural Hair - Clip-In Hair Extensions

Pre-Bonded Hair (wholesale only)

Diva natural hair PRE-BONDED NAIL TIP hair extensions: truly stunning, natural flowing beauty, tangle-free, no shedding ,are made from 100% virgin REMY hair.

Each strand is made with the highest quality ITALIAN KERATIN, the safest natural bonding agent which is easy to apply and remove without causing damages to your own natural hair and kind to hair and scalp.

It can be applied with most heat connectors by professionals and can be treated exactly the same as your own hair. Due to its qualities and technology, Diva PRE-BONDED hair extensions is a favourite to saloons and widely used by PROFESSIONAL stylist in the UK and worldwide.

Diva PRE-BONDED hair is available in range of styles, shades, textures and lengths to suit your look.

Diva Natural Hair - Pre-Bonded

Micro Loop Ring (wholesale only)

Diva MICRO RINGS is the latest innovation of hair extensions,it is considered to be the most undetectable hair extension technique without the use of GLUE or HEAT,NO SEWING or BRAIDS All you need is PLIERS, so there is no damage to your own hair.

Diva micro rings extensions,are made of the highest quality micro rings and 100% virgin REMY hair and comes in various lengths and textures, you can straighten, curl or cut it.

Diva micro rings extensions is widely use by professional stylist and saloons in UK and worldwide

Diva Natural Hair - Micro Loop Ring